Acetate Haemodialysis Concentrate


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packaging sizes Acetate Haemodialysis Concentrate

  • Acetate haemodialysis concentrate 10 liter canister, 60 pieces per palett, approximately 760 kg

Canister material Polyethylene (PE)


Citric Acid Solution

For disinfection and decalcification of dialysis machines


Citric Acid Solution, 50 %

For heat disinfection, cleaning and decalcification of the fluid pathway of HD monitors. The chemo-thermal disinfection acting has been tested according to EN 14885 at temperatures above 80 ˚C, dwell time minimum 15 minutes and concentration not less than 20g/l.

packaging sizes Citric acid 

  • Citric acid  5 liter canisters, 60 pieces per pallet (weight: approx. 400 kg)
  • Citric acid  10 liter canisters, 60 pieces per pallet (weight: approx. 760 kg)

Canister material Polyethylene (PE)

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